What's Special About This Program?

We mentor you through your job search, using your responses to give you custom advice and unique counsel

  • Assessments

    Understanding who you are, your skills and your attributes and the level at which you are currently performing (even if its school) helps us give you guidance that is specific to you only - nothing generic, nothing bland.

  • Profile Report

    We take you through the results of your profile report, measured in four dimensions. We help you determine if you are looking for the right job, or if you might be better off searching elsewhere. This is very important when changing jobs.

  • Job Hunting Support

    Join our LIVE virtual seminars on job hunting techniques and benefit from your own one-on-one custom mentoring sessions where we help you look in the right places, for the right jobs, using the right techniques.

Course curriculum

    1. Structure & Timing (3h 00m) Total

    2. Introduction

    1. How to Complete the Work Assessment

    2. What is important to you and what work would suit you best?

    1. How to Complete the Competency Assessment

    2. Competency Assessment

    1. How Much Do You Know About Career Search

    2. How well prepared are you to make a career decision?

    1. It's Important To Fit Your Skills to the Job

    2. Career Role & Level Matching

    1. Summary & Next Steps

About this course

  • $22.50
  • 4 Assessments
  • Summary & Action Report